Swinging is also known as The Lifestyle

Here are a few definitions of swinging.

lifestyle swingers in America

"Swinging" or the "swinging lifestyle", are terms used for the practice of partner swapping, or involving other couples, or singles into a couples love life.

Swinging has been around for centuries, and enjoyed by many cultures. The only places where swinging is not practiced openly is where the major religions have managed to brainwash the people into believing it is wrong or dirty.

Some of the names given to swinging.

  • Partner Swapping - having full sex with each others partner
  • The lifestyle / The Swinging Lifestyle - the American name for swinging
  • Swinging - The international name
  • Group Sex - groups of couples swapping partners
  • Wife swapping - full partner swapping
  • Cuckolding - the wife plays while the husband is made watch or is sent from the room
  • Dogging - meeting for outdoor sex in car parks
  • Players - people who have sex with multiple partners

Variations of swinging include:

  • Greedy Girls - girls who like to have sex with several men at the same time
  • Bukakke - girls (sometimes men) who like to lie back and have groups of men fuck or wank over them, spraying their cum over their body.
  • Soft Swinging - Having Sex with your own partner whilst watching another couple have sex
  • Threesomes - Where a couple are joined by a single male or single girl.
  • Cougars - Older women having sex with much younger men.
  • Hot Wives - Women who like to cuckold their husbands.
  • Exhibitionists - People who get a sexual thrill from being watched having sex